Sunday, March 29, 2015

Women’s Dorm Chapel

SAMSUNG            I am back on campus now after a month of travel, so I thought I should post about what is going on at SAMSUNG            PIU again. Friday was the residents of our women’s dorm were in charge of chapel led by their Resident Assistants. The RA’s help the Student Life staff make sure the dorm is well-managed, clean, and that everyone in the dorm has someone watching out for their well-being. They also help lead dorm Bible studies and organize activities. All of the ladies in the dorm are assigned to a small group under one of the RA’s. For this chapel, they presented some songs, skits and videos they made and shared their testimonies.

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Almost all the ladies shared how their small group had helped them grow as a person and as a Christian. They were all very thankful for the relationships they had made in the dorm


They did a great job with the chapel. I think everyone was blessed. With all the giggling and laughter that accompanied their presentation, it was obvious that they enjoyed leading it too.

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