Sunday, March 29, 2015

Prayer for Chuuk and Yap

Roofs were damaged on several home and trees were toppled after the winds and rain of Typhoon Kaysak hammered the island of Chuuk on March 29.Please be in prayer this week for the many islands of Chuuk and Yap. Typhoon Maysak hit Chuuk yesterday afternoon and is projected to hit Yap within the next couple days. According to the local Guam newspaper, the Pacific Daily News, damage on Chuuk from the 75+ mph winds was pretty extensive and “many people in Chuuk hadn’t seen or experienced this kind of disaster in their lifetimes.” You can see pictures of this and read the PDN article here. Many of our PIU grads live and work in Chuuk and we would ask you to join us in prayer for them. As I find out more about the damage I will let you know. The typhoon is on track to hit Yap with 140 mph winds on Tuesday or Wednesday. You can read about this and see the projected typhoon track here. This kind of wind would be devastating for Yap. Thank you for praying with this on this one.

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