Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Graduation Pictures #2–Celebration

Graduation (14)

Here are a few pictures of our after ceremony graduation celebration. Here Joyce celebrates with our adopted nephew Josh Ladd. We have known Josh since he was born. His parents were our missionary colleagues in Palau back in the 1980’s. It was a real blessing to watch him graduate!

Graduation (15) (1024x768)Graduation (18)Graduation (21)

Josh, Morin Moses, Lydia Lee. All Bachelor’s Degree graduates. Lydia was our salutatorian

Graduation (8)Graduation (11) (1024x768)

With Lian Stae and Frankie Lake. Frankie gave an epic valedictorian speech! (in the classic sense of the word)

Graduation (1) (1024x768)Graduation (10)

Vivanne Choram is following Joyce as a faculty wife who earns her degree. She is pictured here twice with Joyce and PIU registrar and Bible teacher, Urte Scherer

Graduation (17)Graduation (19) (1024x768)

Graduates with candy and money leis posing with us.

Graduation (28)P1110177

With PIU Board Chair Howard and Kathy Merrell. We also had to get a picture with the beautiful ocean view behind us.

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