Sunday, May 24, 2015

More on the Weekend with the Grandkids

SAMSUNGHappy Memorial Day! We have been enjoying the past week with the grandkids. Mike and SAMSUNGSamantha came back from their vacation in Japan yesterday. But we had some fun with the kids before then on Saturday. I took them to the movies on Saturday afternoon so Joyce could have some quiet tree-cutting time. And what do you do when you have lots of wood in your yard? You roast hot dogs and marshmallows! So that is what we did Saturday night. Sunday morning we had a breakfast potluck at church and then picked up Mike and Sam at the airport. They came bearing gifts as you can see from the pictures. Joyce and I plan to have a quiet memorial day at home. Stay blessed!


The marshmallows were great. Note all the downed trees in the background


The downed tree provides play equipment for the kids. On the right they enjoy breakfast with their friends at church


The girls got new kimonos from Japan


I can’t resist posting some more cute kimono pictures


And a couple action shots

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