Thursday, May 14, 2015

Prep For Typhoon Dolphin

Typhoon Prep (24) (1024x768)As typhoon Dolphin was approaching Guam today, we cancelled most of our meeting type activities, although a few classes went on this morning in order to get the campus ready for the heavy winds and rain. Typhoon Prep (11) (1024x768)This meant cutting trees, securing loose outdoor articles, covering books and electronics with plastic bags, putting up typhoon shutters and making sure everyone had a safe place to go. We had to secure the PIU buildings first (right) and then our house later in the afternoon (left). Please pray that the buildings below make it ok through the typhoon and everyone stays safe.


This is the building I am most concerned about. It houses the admin, classrooms and women’s dorm. It has a metal roof and has been through a couple typhoons already.

Typhoon Prep (8) (1024x768)Typhoon Prep (9) (1024x768)

Here is an interior shot. We already have problems with a leaky roof. Yes that is a bucket mounted in the ceiling in the picture on the right


On the left is the computer lab and the men’s dorm annex on the right. Both with metal roofs

Typhoon Prep (6) (1024x768)Typhoon Prep (7) (1024x768)

Delight and Billy put up the storm shutters on the office windows

SAMSUNGTyphoon Prep (20) (1024x768)

My office and the front office had to be secured

Typhoon Prep (22) (1024x768)Typhoon Prep (23) (1024x768)

Dangerous tree limbs behind the computer lab needed to be removed. The kids were very helpful

Typhoon Prep (25) (1024x768)Typhoon Prep (27) (1024x768)

Loose articles were removed and the campus grounds were cleaned

Typhoon Prep (14) (1024x768)Typhoon Prep (15) (1024x768)

Joyce and I headed home and shuttered and cleaned the front (right) and back yards

Typhoon Prep (13) (1024x768)Typhoon Prep (16) (1024x768)

and the side of the house and the driveway

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