Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pray For Guam (and for the roofs at PIU)


Here is the expected track for Typhoon Dolphin. Right now it being forecast to pass right through Guam late Friday afternoon with winds over 115 mph. This is a category 3 typhoon but all typhoons are very dangerous. I am especially concerned about the metal roofs on our administration, classroom building and women’s dorm, and the computer lab and “cannex” men’s dorm. These roofs have already been through typhoons and could easily blow away. The library and Main men’s dorm has a concrete roof so they should be ok (all summer students on campus are under a concrete roof), but, as Mike mentioned, the metal roofs already leak pretty bad. Our house (the bunker) has a concrete roof so we should be fine there. Please pray for PIU and for the many people on Guam who will be heading to shelters or trying to wait out the storm in less than safe houses. I will keep you updated as we know more.

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