Saturday, April 09, 2016

More Stuff We Do on Guam

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We do love living on Guam. Of course we enjoy our ministry at PIU but we also enjoy island life in general. I can’t think of another place I would rather live. The picture above was taken on our driveway. This bush (it is really two bushes, but they have become intertwined) blooms with both bougainvillea (pictured here) and night-blooming jasmine. We do a lot of the same things that people do on the Mainland (we do miss some mainland events like autumn) and we also get to live on a tropical island.

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We enjoy our church family, Grace fellowship, where we get to fellowship with family and friends. I like the welcoming friendly atmosphere and open discussion format.

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We like the improving roads. This is the newly completed intersection at the bottom of Macheche and Alegata

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We go to exciting PIU volleyball games on Saturday mornings

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We get to see our grandchildren get their achievement awards at Adacao Elementary

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