Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunday at PIU

Faith Sunday (1)

Faith Sunday (9)Yesterday was the last official Sunday of the semester at PIU. The students are taking final tests this week and Saturday will conclude the on line classes. So we decided that we would go to church together as a school. The students and staff wantedFaith Sunday (2) to attend Faith Church where our advisory board member and adjunct faculty member Tom Van Engen (right at the pulpit) is the pastor. Usually our students attend many and various churches on Sundays so we had not done that in a long time. Faith Church has been a long time supporter and partner of PIU and I always enjoy fellowshipping there when we go. It was great time of fellowship and we ended the service by holding hands in a ring around the church (above) and sang the “island song,” “Don’t you know that we are brothers and sisters in Christ?” Arie enjoyed the service as well (left).

Faith Sunday (5)Faith Sunday (6)

The PIU students sang “God is So Good” in 8 island languages, including English

Faith Sunday (14)Faith Sunday (16)

Then we headed back to campus for a combination end of semester lunch, going away party for Mike, Samantha and the kids….

Faith Sunday (10)Faith Sunday (11)Faith Sunday (12)

and a celebration of Courage’s eighth birthday

Faith Sunday (17)Faith Sunday (18)

I wish I could figure out what Serenity and Chloe were talking about here. It looked like a serious negotiation.

Faith Sunday (19)Faith Sunday (20)

Arie was able to get in a little walking with help from grandma and Gwen

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