Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Senior Chapel 2016

Senior Chapel (1)

Every semester at PIU one of the two chapels in the final week is the “senior chapel” in which the graduates get to share their insights with the rest of the students. This semester we had 4 graduates interact with the students (two did it through previous interview and two were in the chapel). Scott Refilong and Riklyn Rikat were live in the chapel while last summer graduates, Mary-Jane Edwin and Nonie Jones were interviewed for their contribution. With the 3 December graduates we will have 7 graduates for the 2016 commencement on April 30. 

Senior Chapel (2)Senior Chapel (3)After student council president Melvin Fanoway led us in prayer (left), Scott and Ricklyn talked about their plans for the future and a little about their experiences at PIU. Scott will be doing an internship this summer at the Liebenzell Mission USA headquarters in Schooley’s Mountain NJ and then is looking for god’s direction after that. Ricklyn is planning on building on her AA degree with further education at PIU or at University of Guam.

The students were asked a few questions about their time at PIU. Here are a few of their answers. First question was What degree are you graduating with and what are you going to do with it? …

MJMary Jane:  “I am graduating with a AA degree in Liberal Studies Right now, I'm just focusing on furthering my education. I'm actually attending UOG pursuing my BA in accounting.”

Nonie: “I am graduating with my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. I'm not sure what I will be using it for but I will be continuing on my studies at UOG for my Bachelors in Accounting.

What was the most fun PIU experience?

Scott: My first PIU Days in 2012.

Ricklyn: Coming into the dorm for the first time and meeting the RA’s and other girls.

Mary-Jane: Chapels & Focus nights. I enjoyed the sermons, music, prayers, games, etc.

imageNonie: I would say the most fun experience would be just life everyday with the staff and students. The community is just great. There's really a difference from where I am now, UOG. I love how it's very family oriented. There's always something to do. Whether it's we work, having beach days, going on shopping trips, cleaning at night with my small group, chapel, focus, bible study. I would say the whole PIU package would be my most fun experience.

What advice would you give the students?Senior Chapel (6)

Mary Jane: Focus & study hard, but most importantly is to fear God and always put Him to be the center of their studies.

Scott: Don’t be afraid.

Nonie: Don't mess up your grades. Try hard no matter how lazy you get. Also communicate well with your professors. Don't just stick to staying in doors. Have volleyball games and help the staff in the office. Life gets hard outside the PIU walls. Try try and try. Don't give up !

All the students seemed to agree that Mike’s Critical Thinking class was the hardest one they had ever taken

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