Saturday, April 16, 2016

Trip To Chuuk

Chuuk Trip (1)

I just returned from a trip to two of our PIU sites in Chuuk and Pohnpei. I spent Monday to Wednesday in Chuuk and then finished out the week in Pohnpei. In Chuuk we were working on completing the Memorandum of Understanding we have with our partners at Berea Christian School and revising the MOU we have with Faithwalk Christian College on Tol island in Faichuuk. I am happy to report that the agreements were completed. We have been operating with 17 students on the FCC campus for almost one school year now, with one full-time PIU teacher, Jered Hunter, employed there and two local adjunct teachers. We are hoping to grow that partnership with more students and local teachers. At Berea, led by PIU full-time faculty Iotaka Choram, we have re-established the the PIU teaching facility and distance education center. We share use of a library and computer lab with Berea Christian School and are working on an agreement with Chuuk High School as well. We would ask you to pray that these centers would grow and PIU would be able to play a part in training young people to serve their communities with a biblical worldview, provide degree completion programs for teachers and continuing education for church workers.

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