Saturday, June 24, 2017

Very Brief Medical Update

20170621_114003 (960x1280)Today is a somewhat significant date in my cancer treatment. With today’s dose of prednisone, I have ingested the last chemical of this 6 session round of chemotherapy (March-June) and move into the two week rest period. After the two week rest period I’ll be in a two month evaluation period that will include several tests that I have mentioned in previous posts. Right now my status is “Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Stage 3 in partial remission.” I am in a much better situation than 6 months ago, but there is still a long way to go to being pronounced cancer-free. The tests will determine the next steps. The edema, in this round, has been quite annoying and I would appreciate you including some prayers for relief of that as you pray for my situation. In the picture you can see the puffiness and hot flash from the prednisone. Nevertheless, We feel very blessed and hopeful with the improvement we have seen. I continue to pray Psalm 31.5 every day, “Into your hands I commit my spirit;  deliver me, Lord, my faithful God.” Thank you for praying.

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Jam-mac said...

Dave. It sounds good as to the progress. As you say it it is still a long way to go. This tests your faith and love of family. Prayers are with you and Joyce. I hear from Kristin that you all will meet up end of July. This will be a special time.