Friday, July 27, 2018

Latest Medical Update–July 2018


20180726_140049The Picture above was taken in front of Stanford hospital where Joyce and I spent most of last week. We had three doctor appointments, 2 sets of blood tests and a PET scan. The bottom line: The news is very good. First, there was no trace of the lymphoma in the PET scan. The spots on the previous scans had faded almost completely. I will need to have one more scan in December-January. Though I am cancer-free now (PTL!), I need to be cancer-free for a full year after my stem cell transplant to be declared officially cancer-free. So that will happen with my next scan. Thank you for praying. This is a tremendous answer to prayer. The edema doctor says that my edema is chronic and will require life-time management. He is working with the physical therapist to come up with a plan for managing that. I am hoping that the edema can be reduced and my life can be a bit more “normal.” (Picture is me with our transplant doctor and Stanford social worker.) What a great blessing all the Stanford people have been to us!

20180725_140241So we are hoping to resume doing some mission work soon. We need to work out some of our insurance issues before we can make firm plans but we hope to be able to do that soon. We’d appreciate your prayers for that and more information will be coming as soon as we can figure that out. We did get a chance to spend some time in Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz. We had a good chance to talk with several of our friends at Gateway Bible Church and plan to be there for their Missions Conference in November. We also enjoyed eating lunch on the wharf in Santa Cruz. It has been a good week.

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