Saturday, July 07, 2018

Structure and Message of the Song of Songs

Song of Songs Structure Chart

Song of Songs is most likely a collection of love songs that have been cleverly edited together to form a story that provides wisdom about love and marriage.

Song of Songs xhiastic structure Exum

Song of Songs Xiastic Structure Webster

Here are a couple different ways that Old Testament scholars see the structure of the book

Message of the Song of Songs

Marital love must be monogamous, exclusive, committed and faithful. Love’s power may be celebrated and enjoyed exuberantly within an exclusive married relationship, but it is dangerous when misused.

  • Marriage requires exclusive commitment from both partners and reciprocal methods which result in mutual satisfaction
  • In this sinful world marriage can be dangerous and painful, but one must continue to love despite the dangers
  • Marriage can overcome the curse, or it can magnify the curse
  • Ideally, marriage should reflect the love of God within the Trinity and His love for His people. It does seem that in this world that ideal is never fully reached
  • How much more should we love Christ who loves us with a holy passion, and perfect love

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