Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Structure and Message of First Thessalonians

1 thess. color chart

Message of 1 Thessalonians

God will produce holiness in you as stand faithfully on his promises, allow him to love through you and focus on the sure hope of his return, that assures us that we will be with Him and each other forever.

Brief Outline of 1 Thessalonians

  • Past: God’s work in the lives of His faithful people is evidenced by holy changed lives. 1:1-3:13

    • The changed lives of the Thessalonians are evidence of the holiness that God produces through faith 1:1-10

    • The ministry of Paul‘s missionary team is a good example of holy living and holy ministry. 2:1-12

    • Faithful Response to God‘s Word Produces Holy Living and effects the world. 2:13-20

    • Holiness matures as believers minister together, endure hardship together and pray together 3:1-13

  • Present: salvation produces a growing holiness (likeness to the character of Jesus) 4:1-12

    • Our lifestyles should reflect a growing desire to please God by being what He made us to be. 1-2

    • Salvation should produce growing holiness, growing love and growing contentment 3-12

  • Future: The future hope of salvation produces holiness and endurance now. 4:13-5:28

    • The hope of the return of Jesus should comfort us and encourage us to love and serve Christ. 4:13-18

    • The Day of the Lord should warn believers to be vigilant, self-controlled and prepared for eternity. 5:1-11

    • The hope of Christ’s coming should encourage alertness and present living focused on eternity. 5:12-28

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