Thursday, July 19, 2018

Memorial Service For Pastor Hiob


IMG_20180714_115140010Last Saturday Joyce and I had the privilege of participating in the memorial service for Pastor Hiob Ngirachemoi of the Palauan Evangelical Church in Sacramento. As was said many times there, it was a sad occasion because we will miss Hiob and all he did, but it is also a happy one because we know he is with the Lord now and we can celebrate what the Lord did through him while he was with us here. We had a chance to minister to Leah, Hiob’s wife (pictured above), and ask for your prayers for her and her children as they adjust to him being gone. I was able to do a eulogy for Pastor Hiob. There is a video of it here. Hiob was a good friend and valuable colleague and he will be greatly missed.


We also got to see many of our friends from Palau that we have missed so much. As I continue to recover from the cancer and chemo we are planning to begin working with the Micronesian communities in the USA and with Liebenzell Mission to provide support and training for these churches. Joyce and I are looking forward to renewing these relationships as the Lord allows us to do that. We’d appreciate your prayers that we would be sensitive to God’s direction on these next steps in our life.

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