Friday, July 06, 2018

Structure and Message of Colossians

Colossians Color Chart

Message of Colossians

 Faith in Christ, without added human rules or ideas, is enough to move us on to spiritual maturity, which is seen in godly attitudes and actions lived out in daily relationships.

  • The way to maturity as a Christian is deepening relationship with Jesus. This comes through faith, not human rules or ideas.  “Jesus is ALL you need!” 1:1-2:23
    • Relationship with Jesus, through the Gospel, is the only way to Christian maturity.  1:1-2:5

      • Faith in Christ is sufficient to grow the godly attitudes and actions of a successful Christian. 1:1-14
      • Jesus is able to make you into what God wants you to be because He is God. 1:15-20
      • Jesus has provided more than enough to make you what He wants you to be and to prepare you for eternal service to God.  1:21-2:5
    • Maturity comes through continuing faith in the Gospel, not human rules or ideas. 2:6-23
      • Grow in Christ the same way you began in Christ, trust in His promises. 2:6-7
      • Adding to the Gospel does not improve it. Instead, it dilutes it and makes it ineffective. 2:8-2
  • Live maturely in relationships as you live out who you actually are in Jesus Christ. 3:1-4:18
    • The key is to understand who you are in Christ and live it out in the power of the Spirit. 3:1-16
    • The evidence of Christian maturity is Christ-likeness lived out in our closest relationships 3:18-4:18

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