Saturday, December 12, 2009

Community Group Christmas Party

Friday night we enjoyed our community group Christmas party over at the Sorenson's house. Every year at PIU we divide up the students and staff into community groups that meet together for fun, discipleship and fellowship. This year we are teamed up with the Sorenson's, Suda's and Kalvin Assito and about 18 students. Since we are leading the team that is traveling to the US Mainland this summer, those students were also placed with us as our community group. This enables us to practice with the team as part of our community group activities. So, Friday we met for food (always!), Christmas games and to practice some songs for the teams' next performance at Bayivew Church. Here are some more pictures of our fun night below...

We had a lot of fun acting out the Christmas story. Everyone was assigned a part and had to act it out when Eric read it. We had people playing the all the human parts and the animals, but we also had to play the objects like the manger, the swaddling clothes etc. T'nel played a very precocious and large baby Jesus who kept "Mary" in a constant state of laughter.

The girls enjoyed looking at the Sorenson's picture albums

We approached singing practice with seriousness and high level of decorum.

Everyone, especially Keiny and the cat, was pretty tired by the end of the evening. 

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