Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PIU Staff - Faculty Christmas Party

Here are a few pictures of our PIU faculty-staff Christmas party which was held at the Guam Reef Hotel last Sunday night. (Joyce and I had our picture taken here right before the sunset completely disappeared.) We had a great time celebrating with our PIU family. One of the biggest blessings of being at PIU is the high quality people - staff, faculty, administration, missionaries, volunteers - that I get to work with. God has blessed us with some very gifted, talented and a bit eccentric (but that makes it fun!) people from all over the world at PIU. We still need more to join us!

Faculty-Staff Christmas picture. We have come a long way from just a few years ago when we could fit our entire faculty and staff in our small living room for the Christmas party.

I think Delight is smiling here, because he was able to "steal" back the gift that Evelyn wanted so much.

May Vigil (Library), Josephine Mendiola (Science Teacher), Sharon Bock (Office) Anne Stinnette (Office) and Mary Lou Carruthers (IT Director)

I am engaged here in deep conversation with Hartmut Scherer (Distance Education Coordinator), Larry Bock (Bible Faculty) and Tim Plaxton (Maintenance Director).

The remedial English teachers, Joyce and Jen Rydzik, pose in front of the Christmas tree.

Rob Watt (VP Student Life) and Melody Plaxton (Academic VP) lead us in singing Christmas carols.

Merry Christmas!

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HLodge said...

Dave, I will be in LA for Christmas. The weekend following I will be in San Diego.