Friday, December 11, 2009

PIU Basketball Banquet

Thursday night we celebrated our first annual (?) PIU basketball banquet. It was a fun evening reflecting on and celebrating the basketball season just finished a few weeks ago. Joyce, Jen, Melissa and Daisy planned and put on the banquet and did a great job. I think everyone enjoyed the spaghetti dinner and caramel corn.  The team gave me the privilege of being the speaker for the event. I got a chance to talk to them about what I have learned from sports that I have been able to apply to my life and ministry. I got a chance to talk with the guys about how God used sports in my life to reveal and help me deal with some of my personal weaknesses. We also had a chance to discuss some of the life lessons learned this basketball season (of course some were learned the hard way!). We also had some fun telling our sports stories. Yes, we all get better and better every time the story is told! I think the guys had a great time. It was sure fun for me to have time to interact with and get to know the students better. And yes, that is a tie I am wearing.

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