Sunday, December 06, 2009

Reaffirmation of Accreditation from TRACS

Here is a piece of good news from the TRACS web site...


Pacific Islands University (172 Kinney’s Road, Mangilao, Guam, P.O. Box 22619, Barrigada, Guam, 96921) was granted Reaffirmation I Status as a Category III institution (approved to offer Certificates, Diplomas, the Associate, Bachelors and Masters degree, plus distance learning) with conditions.

The areas of non-compliance are:
  • Institutional Effectiveness (5.2; 6.5; 10.3a,b; 10.7; 11.2; 24.1 – 4; 24.5a-c; 24.7
  • Policies, Procedures and Publications (1.2; 1.5; 6.2; 8.9; 10.15k, q; 10.17; 11.9; 11.12; 11.15; 11.16c; 14.9; 15.7; 17.12; 17.19; 20.5d; 21.1)
  • Distance Education (12.1)
We are excited to receive reaffirmation and are now working hard on the three areas of non-compliance mentioned above. We must have our report in to TRACS by February 15th, so we would appreciate your prayers that we get this done well and on time. 

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