Thursday, December 03, 2009

Joyce Finishes Preaching Class

Many of you may be aware that Joyce is not only a missionary, remedial English teacher and English teacher at the Guam Japanese School, but she is also a PIU student. She has been working on finishing her BA, which she left off in 1979 at Biola to do the "wife and mommy thing," since 2003. She is getting pretty close to finishing. After this semester she will have five classes to go and plans to finish in December of 2010.

This semester she has been in the preaching class taught by Hartmut Scherer. She told me the other night that she wished she had been able to take a class like that long before because she has learned so much and, "now I see what you were doing and how you were able to do that all those years!" Last week was her final sermon. She preached on 2 Corinthians chapter 4. I sneaked in without notice to hear her and take a couple pictures. She did a great job, actually one of the better sermons I have heard in a while (maybe I am biased too). Her voice had the same pitch and cadence that she uses when she tells a Bible story to kids but I thought it really drew me into what she was saying. Her content was good and it was obvious she had done good background and exegetical research. So it appears that there is another preacher in the family!


Michael Lockridge said...

That is very cool.

Paul said...

Congratulations Joyce! Do you have a podcast?