Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner at PIU

Thanksgiving dinner at PIU has become a tradition. The school provides the turkey, the staff and faculty make the other traditional dishes and the students make rice. There is some singing and we have a short devotional but the main order of business is eating and talking. I especially enjoyed this time sitting with and getting to know Phil Atoigue (husband of our office manager Celia) and talking about our experiences playing high school football in California, Guam culture and many other very relevant issues (including our favorite kinds of pie). Here are some pictures of the event....

It is nice just to be able to sit and talk with the students in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. Sometimes in all the business of running a school we forget how blessed we are to be working with such a good group of young people and that we have the privilege of being Kingdom workers. The students also like Joyce's native American outfit that she wears every year for this event.

There is always more than enough in the food line. I think this year I only went through the line 3 times. Everything was great, including Joyce's red hot jello and corn casserole. I especially want to thank May Vigil for bringing me a piece of chocolate cake after I had just said I couldn't possibly eat another bite. She was right, I needed to eat it.

The smiles would indicate that a good time was had by all.

In the spirit of the holiday, Joyce delivered a Thanksgiving plate to Mrs. Han who owns Han's Store, the closest store to PIU. Our students do a lot of business there and we appreciate Mrs. Han keeping an eye on them for us and being a good neighbor. 

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Jen said...

Dave, there's always room for more sugar ;) We're thankful that you are back! And, tell Joyce...that corn casserole and red hot jello was amazing.