Friday, November 05, 2010

Day After The Wedding

I guess this will be my last wedding post, unless I get some more pictures. On Saturday morning all the family met together for breakfast with Cliff and Missy before they headed away for their honeymoon in Colorado. We then went back to their house to see the happy couple take off. Spent most of the rest of the day taking people to the airport. We wished the week didn't have to end but it did finally come to an end. At least we got some good pictures.

It was so great that David, Katelyn and Lilian came down for the weekend 
Grandma Joyce got to spend some quality time with Milo
Cliff's truck was properly decorated
Missy and Cliff pose for another picture before they leave
As did the whole family that was present
Even Milo didn't want Uncle Cliff and Aunt Missy to go
But they got in the truck and were on their way
And they headed down the road

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