Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Football in North Carolina

After the TRACS conference I stayed in the Greensboro area to see my long-time friend and colleague Ernie Ladd. Ernie and I worked together in Palau back in the mid-80's, and Joyce and I have remained in touch with him and his wife, Annette. Ernie has assisted us many times in the past by helping us with logistics for my mainland trips. Ernie and Annette are now also PIU parents since their son Josh enrolled as a student with us this semester. One of the fun traditions we keep is that, when schedule permits, we attend a football game at Ernie's alma mater North Carolina State. We have been doing this several years - see last year's post - and I think NC State should fly me out for all their games because their record in games I have attended over the years is 7-0. I enjoyed spending the weekend with Ernie and it was a nice break to focus on college football watching for a day before I headed back to Guam.  The pictures were taken from our end zone seats about 12 rows up from the field. NCS beat Wake Forest 38-3.

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