Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi! Here are some of our prayer requests for November ....

  1. We have had several students make first time commitments to Christ and re-dedications of their lives this semester as a result of our spiritual emphasis retreat (pictured left) and ongoing discipleship ministries. Pray for their growth as they seek God's will in this new direction for their lives.
  2. As the Spirit moves the enemy also moves. Please pray for strength and discernment for our Student Life team as they deal with some difficult personal and discipline issues in the lives of some of the students.
  3. Pray for me as I follow up on contacts made on my recent recruiting and fund raising trip. There were many potential teachers, students and donors who are very interested in PIU. We are trusting God to bring in the personnel and financial resources we need. (Let me know if you would like more info on exactly what those needs are)
  4. We are thanking God for a great preaching conference (right) this week with over 70 participants. Please pray for God's blessing on Mark Mitchell, our speaker, as he returns to California and for good results from the relationships that were strengthened and from the teaching. Also pray that we will see some of the participants become students at Pacific Islands Evangelical Seminary.
  5. This week we will be having our 2 day Thanksgiving break. It will be a nice break before we head back into the last three weeks of school. My seminary class (Survey of Gospels) will start back up next Tuesday and will meet twice a week in December. We will be going through the Gospels of Luke and John paragraph by paragraph.
I do appreciate your prayers for us. God is working here at PIU.

Courage asked me to take this picture of her yesterday. She was standing right in the spot of sunlight and I thought it was an interesting shot.

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