Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Recent Travels of Dave

After Texas I headed to Phoenix. Brad and Cheryl Boydston provided me with a place to stay. I also got to meet with old friends Bob and Lanette Barrett and Matt Augee. Sorry, no pictures. I think I forgot that I had a camera while in Phoenix. Matt and I spent a lot of time working on a plan for cooperation with his ministry RecFX. I appreciate the help and support of all the above named people and their partnerships with PIU. From Phoenix I headed to North Carolina. I was supposed to go through Newark, but was re-routed through Chicago (pictured). I did finally make it to Greensboro just before midnight.

The first order of business in NC was, after a day of errands, a meeting with the building committee of the PIU Board of Directors. New EPA rules on Guam have forced us to make new plans for the campus and we have many options to consider. We are planning, with our new programs, on increasing the size of the school to about 300 students over the next 5 years and the board needs to consider some new properties and other options for the growth of the campus. It was a good meeting and I think we have a good handle on the options and will be ready to present them to the full board in February. It was also great to spend some time with Howard Merrell and David Mayer, PIU board members. Katherine Currie, our grant writer was also in attendance. Thank yous to the Mayers for hosting the meeting and providing a place for Steve and I to stay in Winston-Salem.

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