Monday, November 01, 2010

Some Before the Wedding Pictures

We arrived at the Double D Ranch about three hours before the scheduled start of the wedding ceremony. When we arrived, we were met there by David Ahlgren and his family (Katelyn and Lilian). David is our foster son who stayed with us from 1997-8. It was really a blessing to see him doing so well and with a lovely wife and new baby. The kids. upon arrival, wanted to take off and see the animals so we were able to keep them occupied until they had to get dressed for the wedding. Here Milo checks out the pigs along with David and Lilian.

 Milo immediately headed for the pond and I am sure he would have jumped in if his dad didn't grab him by the back of the shirt. 
Now fully dressed as a "flower girl escort" Milo prepares himself for the ceremony. He didn't actually do what he was supposed to do, but did maintain cuteness throughout the evening. 
Milo also knows the importance of remaining hydrated

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