Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Dave and Joyce

Happy Thanksgiving from the Owen's. We have already enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner and taken our afternoon naps. We had a great Thanksgiving service at PIU today. Here are a few pictures of faculty, staff and students enjoying the festivities, especially the feast.

Delight and Joanie get to the front of the buffet line

About 100 people enjoyed the feast

Charles, Sousou and Xyanne show off their full plates
Here is the correct way to eat turkey
A group of very serious eaters
Kevin and Josh survey the food choices
Serenity enjoys her first Thanksgiving
Everly and Mike pose for the camera while Larry is intent on getting to the turkey
Joyce and May pose in front of the desserts
Daisy and Iotaka demonstrate the proper way to make a multi-layer fiesta plate
Titus models his Thanksgiving shirt as he trolls for more food
Samantha, Lisa and Mike make a second run through the food line
Everyone left the room with a full stomach

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