Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wedding Preparation

This will be the first of a few wedding posts. My main job before the wedding was picking people up at the DFW airport. It was a lot of fun to pick up family members I hadn't seen in a while. Joyce spent the day of the wedding checking food, ironing and mending dresses and tuxes, picking up flowers and various other mother of the bride activities. In the picture on the left Joyce is getting a bridesmaid dress ready. Both of us tried to keep Missy from getting too nervous. Here are a few pictures of the day...

 Joyce helped Missy organize the wedding presents
I picked up my mom and dad, and Shelley the maid of honor.
Later we picked up Matt, Kristin and Milo at the airport. They stayed with us at Missy's house. Here Milo enjoys a little Milo. 
I enjoyed my time with Milo. Keeping him entertained was a fun responsibility. Here we are playing a little football. The kid has a great throwing arm.

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