Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal Thursday Night

Missy's wedding venue was the Double D Ranch in Mesquite Texas. It is actually a working horse ranch and is a beautiful spot with a lake, gazebo and reception hall. The wedding was to take place at the Gazebo right before sunset and the reception would take place at the Hall. The kids enjoyed looking at and playing with the farm animals before the rehearsal and before the actual wedding. Here is a very non-professional picture of the venue to the left. It was a great spot for a wedding. All three of my children had outside weddings and all three were beautiful. Here are a few pictures of the rehearsal.....

On the left Missy looks out at the lake with one of the flower girls. On the right Joyce, and Cliff's mom Suzanne pose before the rehearsal.

Cliff is either very excited about Paul's instruction or he is working on his golf swing.
Missy is very clear about what she wants in the ceremony.

Paul gathers the wedding party to go over the order of events. 
Missy's cousin Kevin escorts the two bridesmaids down the aisle
Missy and I wait for the moment for to make her bridal appearance
Now dad. me, escorts Missy to the altar. Teared up a little right here. 
Now I practice the line "her mother and I do" and the handing her over to Cliff. 
Paul explains the ceremony while Missy and Cliff discuss position and posture. 
Everyone enjoyed the rehearsal. Missy and Cliff had several good laughs as we practiced.
It appears here that someone gave the "everyone mill around" command at this point. I think we were getting ready to head to the rehearsal dinner. 

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M04340 said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes looking at these all must be so very happy!