Tuesday, November 05, 2013

On the “Island Hopper”

SAMSUNG            Last Monday I boarded the flight from Pohnpei to Hawaii. This flight is called the “island hopper” because it stops in Kosrae, Kwajalein and Majuro before it heads across the wide open sea to Honolulu. I had SAMSUNG            a window seat so I tried to take pictures of the islands from the air as we took off and landed. I think I got a few good ones. It was raining so hard in Majuro that I didn’t get any pictures there. The airport picture with the plane is from the waiting area of the Chuuk airport. The little island here is just off Pohnpei and shows a little of the reef.


I took these pictures as we landed in Kosrae


I think these are some of the small coral atolls of the Marshall Islands


I took these pictures as we took off from Kwajalein.


A couple more little coral islands as the sun went down

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