Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Preaching Chapel #1

SAMSUNG            One old tradition that has been revived this year at PIU is having the preaching class students do their final sermon in our chapel service. In the past these chapels have SAMSUNG            always been among my favorites so I am very happy that we are doing this again. I missed the first set of sermons while I was away on my trip but was there for the second set last Friday. Preaching prof Mike Owen assigned different styles of sermons throughout the semester and we had the opportunity to hear his students preach these different types of sermons.


SAMSUNG            On Friday the style was a first-person  narrative sermon. Jonie (right) preached on 1 Samuel as Hannah, while Esme (below left) played the role of the woman who found the lost coin, and was servant to the father of the prodigal son, from Luke 15.

Both ladies did an excellent job and drew us into the story with their heartfelt portrayals of these biblical women. It was obvious that they had deeply internalized the message they were preaching and their passion about the subject came through quite clearly. Well done, Jonie and Esme!!

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