Thursday, November 21, 2013

Senior Sermon Chapel #2

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            The Preaching class sermons continued in chapel on Tuesday with a switch from narrative sermons to a more expository style of sermon. Rusty (left) preached on the end of Luke chapter 9 with an exhortation to “count the cost” of serving Christ. It was a powerful message coming from him because we have seen him “count the cost” several times in his own personal ministry in and through PIU. Rob (right) followed with a sermon on Hebrews 8 and the implications of the New Covenant. He focused on how “counting the cost” is not a negative (something we must endure) but a positive because it brings us into deeper new covenant relationship with Christ and is motivated by love instead of law. Again both guys did a great job and I know that the PIU family was blessed and challenged by their messages.


Mike and Rob led singing before the messages and the student life team followed the messages with instructions for how things will work at our student, staff and faculty K2 retreat this coming weekend in Umatac.

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