Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Pohnpei 2

On Sunday, in Pohnpei, SAMSUNG            I had the opportunity to preach and teach in the Mokil church. In the morning I preached in the main worship service. They have two preachers in the morning service and I was asked to do the “youth sermon.” I asked how long I had to preach and they told me to preach as “long as I wanted to.” That was fun. In the evening I did a presentation of my Old Testament overview to the people from Mokil and Pingelap. It was pretty much a preview of the class I will teach in the Spring in the seminary. It all seemed to be very well received and the church leaders asked me if PIU could come back and do some more leadership training. The picture on the right was taken as we entered the Mokil church on Sunday morning.


These pictures are from the evening presentation. The church president and head pastor were there to welcome us

SAMSUNG            And, of course, we had plenty of local food to eat during the fellowship time after the service.

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