Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday Chapel at PIU

SAMSUNG            At PIU we are blessed at the beginning of every semester as our friend Dr. M. James Sawyer returns to teach in our Pacific Islands Evangelical Seminary. This semester Jim is teaching Theology 1 and part of the Theological Research Methods class. He has also shared in the student Focus group on Wednesday night and in chapel last Friday. Yes, we keep him pretty busy. He still has had some time for a few scuba diving adventures in Guam’s warm ocean SAMSUNGwaters. Friday Jim spoke in chapel about the need to understand that God ALWAYS looks at us with love and that the “stairway to heaven,” that we try to climb through religious “works” has already been climbed by Jesus for us. One of the results of the “fall” is a wrong view of God, motivated by conscience, that sees God as angry and vengeful, instead of the God who became one of us to grant us access to God. There is no need for “fig leaves” and “hiding.” We can trust that God loves us. The students’ band provided an excellent time of musical worship.


The worship band included a very precocious baby in their lineup as they practiced

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