Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yap #2–Meeting with Alumni

SAMSUNGI just got back from Chuuk this morning and will talk about that in a later post, but I wanted to make one more post about my time in Yap earlier this week. I had a chance to meet with several of our PIU alumni and was very encouraged to hear what they are doing in their jobs and ministries. I met with a group of the alumni on Tuesday night (pictured on the left) and had a good chance to update them on what has been happening at PIU. Several of them are interested in the Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies that began this semester. The difficulty for all of them is financing the degree since there is no government funding for it. I am working on raising scholarship money for the students that want to be in the program. Two of the PIU alumni in the picture are currently pastoring in Yap, Mac Alfonso in the blue shirt in the front row and Jonathan Sam right behind him and next to me. Both of them would like to continue their education with us at our seminary. In addition PIU alumni are teachers (Yap High School and the YEC kindergarten), a hospital administrator, electrical worker, United Airlines worker and all of them are involved in some kind of ministry leadership in the church.


Tim Ruda leads music in the evening English service (left). Jonathan Sam preached the Sunday morning message at the Yap Evangelical Church in Colonia


On the left is one of my favorite views in Yap: looking out over the lagoon from the outdoor dining area at the ESA Hotel. On the right is a picture of my roommate in the Yap church guest apartment

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