Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tuesday Chapel at PIU

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            Last Tuesday we enjoyed having Pastor Ricke Harris as our chapel speaker. He kept all of us laughing and thinking, throughout the message, with his many stories from a life spent in church and missions work – and his very corny jokes (“the only culture I have is in my yogurt”). He shared from the story of Elijah being fed by the ravens during the famine from 1 Kings. His point was that sometimes God “dries up” the flow of blessing in your life, takes you through tough times and then opens up blessing in a new and unexpected way. He encouraged the students to persevere to the end (graduation) so they would have the experience of God’s miraculous provision in their lives along with the training they receive at PIU. Ricke has been a blessing to PIU in many ways and we appreciate his sharing with us.


Mike led us in some hymn singing with his guitar. I still remember almost all the words of those old songs.

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