Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Joyce

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNGAnother birthday has arrived for my lovely wife. She has made another journey around the sun. This would her XXXXXXXXth time around. The picture on the left was taken this afternoon so Serenity could show off the poisonous mushroom that she found. The picture on the right was taken on Joyce’s birthday last year before we went out to Tony Roma’s for dinner. This year we are saving our money for a couple weeks until we get to go to Hong Kong together and we will have our birthday dinners together there. (I am going as part of a TRACS accreditation team and she is going along for vacation and fun.) Happy birthday Joyce. Life with you just gets better and better!!!


On the left is the birthday picture from 2013 and 2012 on the right

And 2011 with 2009 on the right

And here are a couple from birthdays in the further past

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