Saturday, January 10, 2015

What do you do on New Years Day on Guam?

What do you do on New Years Day on Guam? The answer for us was, “you take a tour of the southern end of the island.” That means a visit to the Yokoi museum and gift shop at Jeff’s Pirates Cove and swimming at the Inarajan Pools and Merizo Pier along with stops at various other interesting spots. This time we did not do so many of the other spots because the kids did not want to get out of the water. Another enjoyable January day outdoors on Guam.


Everybody wanted their pictures taken in the signs in front of Jeff’s Pirate Cove

Especially with the pirates

Then it was on to Inarajan Pools for some wading, swimming and diving off the platform

There were several nice spots for Ahni to play in the water

The “diving competition” was intense

On to Merizo for a little more swimming and diving

We had to stop on the way home to see the dinosaurs


And then back home for games and treats in the evening. The affirmative vote for “Who wants root beer floats?” was unanimous

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