Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend in Chuuk #1

SAMSUNG            This past weekend I had the opportunity to fly to Chuuk for a series of meetings with church leadership, government and educational leadership there (meeting with education officials and admin at Berea Christian School on the left), along with seeing how our PIU alumni are doing there. We are working to re-establish our teaching/distance education facilities there and I think this weekend’s meetings were very productive toward that end. We already have an agreement with our partner school, Faithwalk Christian College, to offer our courses there SAMSUNGand we are working on an agreement to get a space for our teaching facility at Berea Christian School on Weno up and running again. The target date for beginning classes in both places is May 15th. We have already entry tested about 100 students in Chuuk and are waiting for completed applications so we can proceed. I was encouraged to see the enthusiasm for restarting the classes there. Perhaps the most encouraging thing I heard all weekend came from an official in the Chuuk education department as she read through a list of PIU alumni working in Chuuk, “Very impressive, these are some of our best teachers.” (me with alumna Jaynee Sam, teacher at Berea Christian School, right)


The food was pretty good too. On the left, I had the best of both worlds with a buffalo wings-sashimi combo at the Truk Stop Hotel. On the right reef fish with sashimi. Mmmmm!

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