Saturday, January 03, 2015

Owen Family Christmas #3– Underwater World

As I write this I am on the last day of Christmas vacation. We start back in tomorrow as PIU opens its office again on Monday and begins the new semester. We took Matt and family to the airport yesterday and they are back in San Diego. We were having too much fun for me to take time to post what we were doing here, but we did get lots of pictures and have a few adventures the week after Christmas. I will post a few of them over the next week. There is a lot to do on Guam when you have the time. So on the 26th we headed to, one of our kids’ and grandkids’ favorite places on Guam - “Underwater World.”

We enjoyed looking at the fish from inside the aquarium

Everyone wanted their picture taken in the gift shop with the turtle…

… And inside the jaws of the shark

And some family pictures out in front at the fountain


While we tried to keep the grandkids from jumping into the fountain


We ended the evening with dinner at Chili’s

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