Saturday, July 04, 2015

A Wet and Windy Weekend

SAMSUNGI woke up to a dark, rainy and windy morning today (left). I checked the National Weather Service webSAMSUNG site and found that Chan-Hom, has not re-strengthened to a typhoon, but it has turned South a little and is now expected to pass between Guam and Rota with winds of about 50mph. This means a lot of wind and rain for us today, but we did have an active 4th of July weekend despite the storm warnings. The picture of the sunset was taken from my car window as I drove into my neighborhood Friday evening.



Thursday we spent the afternoon preparing the campus for possible typhoon winds


Saturday we spent most of the day at the funeral services for our friend Annie Rosenberger. The Rosenbergers were our first neighbors on Guam when we moved here in 1993. In fact, they were the ones who gave us shelter, breakfast and lunch after our house was destroyed in typhoon Paka in 1997. Our PIU worship team played at the graveside service.


Yesterday we enjoyed our family 4th of July celebration with lots of food and the traditional game of dominoes. Joyce won as always.

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