Monday, July 13, 2015

Stuff We Do on Guam

WeekendJuly (12)SAMSUNGThis past weekend was another active one. We were happy to not have the threat of a typhoon hanging over us. The weekend included basketball, yard sales, beaches, church, meetings and spending time with friends. We did work a little too. It is usually a beautiful day on Guam. This picture was taken from the window of my car as I entered our neighborhood – yes I took it while the car was moving - very slowly. I almost got it just as the sun went beneath the horizon. On the left, Courage demonstrates a cheer she learned at “cheer camp.”


Before the weekend began there was a Guam Ministerial Meeting on the Navy base. I enjoy very much our monthly meeting where we fellowship and think through ways we can minister together and demonstrate the unity and love between God’s people which Jesus commanded.

WeekendJuly (1)WeekendJuly (2)

PIU had a yard sale in the classroom Saturday morning to raise funds for the 2015-16 PIU yearbook.

WeekendJuly (5)WeekendJuly (10)

Titus’ team continued their undefeated season. They got their uniforms Saturday and so we took a team picture. Titus’ coach was one of his uncle Matt’s high school basketball teammates.


Our church met at our house Sunday morning.

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