Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Lunch Meeting with Governor

SAMSUNG            Monday the tropical storm had passed by and we were able to attend a luncheon with Guam Governor Eddie B. Calvo and Sally Jewell, United States Secretary of the Interior. The secretary was visiting Guam for a couple days. Here is a story with more info about her visit from the Pacific Daily News. The luncheon took place at the Ocean Sirena Ballroom at the Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort. In addition to the speeches by the governor and secretary, we also heard from Guam congresswoman Madeline Bordallo (pictured with Guam DOE SAMSUNG            Director Jon Fernandez and me) and Chamber President Jeff Jones (Jeff is also on our PIU advisory board.) I was very encouraged that Ms. Jewell made a point to address the issue of compact impact funds and help for the Micronesian immigrants to Guam and will be setting up a “one stop center” for them “to go for various services, including job training, education and health awareness opportunities.” I also was happy to hear about the promising economic forecast for Guam and the region.

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