Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chuuk Trip

SAMSUNG            I just got back from Chuuk yesterday. I went down there with Rev. Iotaka Choram who will be directing PIU’s Chuuk Teaching Facility operations starting this Fall. PIU will offer classes at our partner school Faithwalk Christian College this Fall and we also plan to offer classes at Berea Christian School on Weno as well. SAMSUNG            We are working on getting things set up and getting students enrolled for classes. I met with several church leaders and am planning on returning to Chuuk again to teach my Old Testament Survey course this Fall. I could have posted pictures of us in meetings but I thought it would be more interesting to see some pictures of the island beauty of Chuuk. Way better than pictures of me right? These two pictures I took from the plane’s window as we were coming in for landing.


I took these two pictures from the deck of the Truk Stop Hotel where I was staying


There was a party at the hotel on Wednesday night for a leadership conference.

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