Thursday, February 04, 2016

Alumni Barbecue

Alumni BBQ (7)I am just back from a good week in Pohnpei. I will post about that soon. But, before I do that, I thought I should post a few pictures of last weekend’s activities. Saturday we held our annual alumni barbecue at the beach by the Lutheran Church of Guam. By the way, this year we are having a much bigger alumni event as part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the school on Monday evening March 7th. Board members, former teachers and missionaries will be there so alumni will want to make plans to be there. This BBQ was also a fun event and I enjoyed getting caught up on the lives of several alumni I had not seen in a while. So here are some pictures.

Alumni BBQ (3)Alumni BBQ (11)

The food was very tasty and the BBQ team even found time to help out LCG by Pulling some diseased coconut palms out of the ground

Alumni BBQ (6)Alumni BBQ (10)

I found time to photo bomb one nicely posed picture

Alumni BBQ (1)Alumni BBQ (9)

Jesse and Jonie still waiting for the baby to come. Seminary Dean Jim Sawyer and Rusty were in a serious theological discussion

Alumni BBQ (2)Alumni BBQ (4)

I pose on the baech with alumni. Joyce poses with grandkids

Alumni BBQ (8)Alumni BBQ (13)

Thank you Billy (with the camera) for setting up this gathering

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