Friday, February 26, 2016

Martyrdom of Polycarp Chapel

Polycarp Chapel (3)

Polycarp Chapel (8)The traditional date of the martyrdom of Polycarp is February 23rd 155. So, in chapel on February 23rd 2016, Mike led us in a dramatized version of the story of the Martyrdom of Polycarp. Mike narrated the story and called people out of the audience to play the various characters. So it was not a professionally dramatized version, but I am sure everybody will remember the story. We had a little fun with it, but still I think the point was made about the great sacrifice Christians of the past have made so that we can continue following Jesus today. Also, it was good for everyone to remember that times and situations were not always so good and prosperous for the church as we have it here and now.

Polycarp Chapel (4)Polycarp Chapel (5)Polycarp Chapel (10)

Students and staff played the various parts. We have a Roman official (left) a previous martyr (center), and Polycarp receiving a vision from the Lord. (Right)

Polycarp Chapel (7)Polycarp Chapel (9)

Roman officers (left) come to arrest Polycarp and other Roman officials receive their instructions (by teleprompter) for what to do next. (right)

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