Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Joyful Noise Festival

Joyful Noise (15)

Joyful Noise (55)Joyful Noise (57)Last Saturday night we held one of my favorite events of the year: the Joyful Noise Music Festival. The festival is sponsored by the Guam Ministerial Association and PIU to help build unity by bringing the churches of the island together for worship and fellowship. This year we had 12 churches participate with our host, the Abundant Life Church. As usual, the festival highlighted many different worship styles and we had more pie and ice cream than we could eat. In addition PIU received a generous offering for student scholarships and dorm improvements. Thank you so much GMA and churches of Guam!

Joyful Noise (4)Joyful Noise (20)

Our MCs’ were PIU student Mayson Red, GMA President Rob Puckett and PIU Residence Manager Jonathan Heimbach

Joyful Noise (6)Joyful Noise (8)

Following the Abundant Life worship team who opened the show, Bayview Baptist and Calvary Baptist took the stage

Joyful Noise (11)Joyful Noise (12)

Followed by the Chalan I Saina Church which provided some traditonal Chamorro style worship

Joyful Noise (14)Joyful Noise (19)

The Faith Presbyterian Youth and Island Hope Foursquare Church provided some different styles of worshipJoyful Noise (23)Joyful Noise (46)

The Jesus Is LORD Church got everyone moving. The Kingdom Seekers sang a Chuukese song

Joyful Noise (50)Joyful Noise (51)

The Marshallese United Church joined us for the first time, singing in their own language. All we can say to their performance is “One More Time!”

Joyful Noise (53)Joyful Noise (55)

The last two performances were from the Touchpoint Church of God and the PIU students.

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