Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Super Birthday Party

SB Party (13) (1280x960)

SB Party (2) (1081x1280)SB Party (16) (1280x960)Another February event that I get to enjoy almost every year is my combined Super Bowl and Birthday Party. This year was no exception, although we missed celebrating it with Daisy and Josh. Joyce makes the super chocolate cake and we eat hot wings and other healthy foods all morning. Since the Super Bowl comes on here on Monday morning it is kind of a brunch party. This year we were able to enjoy a pretty good game, good food and a good time with friends we love.


SB Party (3) (1280x831)SB Party (4) (1280x960)

The appearance of the chocolate cake at halftime is always a highlight

SB Party (8) (1280x960)SB Party (10) (1280x960)SB Party (11) (1280x960)

The cake was enjoyed by everyone. Joyce made extra the people who could not come.

SB Party (9) (1280x960)SB Party (12) (1280x960)

We encourage everyone to wear the jersey of their favorite team

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