Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 6 of the Spring Semester at PIU #2

1st Vball game (6)

We continued a very busy week at PIU with chapel on Friday and our first volleyball game on Saturday morning. The week ended with a faculty prayer and potluck meeting on Sunday night – a good way to end the week and get ready for the next one.


Our Friday speaker for chapel was Kevin Elwell, pastor at Bayview Baptist. Kevin worked with me back in the late ‘90’s as the youth pastor at Yigo Baptist and has had a tremendous influence here on Guam.


Kevin is a very animated speaker and the students enjoyed his talk on a biblical view of sexuality from Song of Songs. Especially memorable was his exhortation, “Don’t enter the on ramp unless you are ready to get on the freeway.” I think they all got that one.

1st Vball game (2)1st Vball game (5)

The PIU team gained the victory over the St Paul’s High School team in our first church coed volleyball league game. The fans were enthusiastic and enjoyed a well-played game.

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